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In a time when many local leather manufacturers have closed their doors, I am confident that there is still an undercurrent of passionate,
informed people that respect and desire local, sustainable, quality products.


This is why all of our pieces are made to order and hand crafted in studio, especially for you.
In collections to come, this will allow an element of customisation, which is unattainable from most mainstream brands.
Creating a bespoke piece with elements that are further suited to you and your lifestyle.
For now, this is our step towards eliminating over production.


Seeing as I was vegetarian for 8 years, developing this brand was something I struggled with for a long time.
I didn’t want to increase the consumption of animal products directly for a fashionable cause, however the alternative ‘vegan leathers’, vinyls and plastic composites just weren’t an option for me ethically. These materials are often so destructive to the environment during production – water waste / gasses emitted etc. Generally they wear out faster than natural skins, meaning that someone will usually consume several over their lifetime and can take up to thousands of years to decompose once they are no longer wanted.


Ideally I would only use ethically and sustainably sourced leather hides from animals that passed via natural deaths or ethical killings from illness or injury. However at this point the industry doesn’t align with this intention, meaning I can only find very small quantities of this type of leather at one time. Until things change, I will focus on supporting local suppliers and their beautifully home grown materials – using the very best natural, biodegradable, leather from species that are often by-products of the meat industry. Doing so, in the hopes that this will bring their lives full circle, recycled into a useful product that someone will love forever.


Luna will be an ever-evolving journey for me, I will continuously look for ways to better our products, our impact on the planet and ensure we are using the very best, ethically sourced material.
In the hopes of slowing down the ‘fast fashion’ mindset and invigorating a parallel industry – that for so long has been dominated by men.
A perfect fusion of dreamy natural materials, intricate craftsmanship, traditional techniques and structural sensibilities, defines Luna as a brand and our production plan equally reflects those ideals.