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Our intention is to provide you with product that is thoughtful, of the highest quality and made with materials that are environmentally and ethically responsible. We choose the most conscious option where ever possible and intend on continuously elevating our processes, to be as sustainable and ethical as we can.

We put a lot of time and effort into sourcing the very best luxurious natural material to create your Luna bag. Every hide is as unique as the final product – marks, veins and tonal variations are natural features that give your bag character and have been thoughtfully included. These should not be seen as an imperfection, rather only an element of an overall design that will constantly evolve with you.

Please refer to the information below for any care advice or information regarding where the luxurious leather we use is sourced.


South Island, New Zealand


Our 2mm black oiled leather, is sourced from the South Island of New Zealand. This beautifully soft, yet rigid leather allows us to create structure in our designs. It doesn’t have a paint finish like many leathers so is very absorbent and can absorb oils from your skin, which in turn changes the appearance of the leather overtime to a shiner, darker texture after each use. This leather is extremely durable, however may mark or scratch when rubbed against coarse or abrasive surfaces. If this occurs, simply massage the leather against your skin, letting the natural oils reduce any permanent damage. We recommend conditioning this leather only when your bag appears to need it. You can also use a silicon spray to keep your saddle leather in optimal condition. To use, spray over the surface, leave to dry and then buff away with a dry soft cloth.


South Island, New Zealand


Our Deer Nappa, sourced from the South Island of New Zealand is a luxurious and versatile leather, both strong and thick yet soft and supple. To ensure your Deer Nappa Leather wears beautifully and ages with you, we recommend avoiding contact with water, grease and cosmetics. As well as overexposure to heat and direct U.V light. Owing to the soft and supple nature of Deer Nappa, marking or scratches can occur when rubbed against anything coarse or abrasive. If marking occurs, simply massage the leather against your skin and let your natural oils reduce any permanent marks or scars. For optimal longevity we recommend applying a natural leather conditioner every two months, with a clean soft cloth to buff off residue, used in circular motions. Please ensure you store your bag in a safe, dry place, out of direct sunlight with sufficient air-flow.




Our Kangaroo leather is sourced from the wild under strict government controlled management plans, ensuring sustainable, humane practice. To maintain an ecologically harmonious environment, only 6 of the 48 species of Kangaroo in Australia can be harvested. Before this begins, a detailed management plan must be approved by the Federal Conservation Department, with quota changing to mirror the current Kangaroo population. Kangaroo meat is widely eaten in Australia and often Kangaroo leather is a bi-product of this industry, further encouraging our repurposing of this beautiful material.

Kangaroo Leather is known for its great suppleness, strength and lightweight nature, this allows the leather to be cut down to very thin thicknesses, making it perfect for our intricate lacing. After tanning, Kangaroo leather resists the penetration of water and moisture, however we still recommend avoiding contact with water, grease and cosmetics. It will not peel or crack but some suede fibers may rub and fleck off from the edges of the lacing over time or with excessive rubbing. Leather conditioner may be applied, we recommend conditioning this leather only when your bag appears to need it. Please ensure a natural leather conditioner is used with a clean cloth to buff residue.